Undoubtedly, the rotary cutting machine is the essential tool for manufacturing empanada discs and other dough shapes using dough sheets.

It does not take up much physical space, only 1 m2. Its gauge roll-sheeting mechanism ensures the exact dough thickness, giving as a result a product with uniform weight and quality.

This piece of equipment has an easily-interchangeable cutting drum for cutting out, not only dough discs, but several other shapes, such as squares, triangles, etc. The drum is custom-made.

The scrap dough is put aside through an independent exit, simplifying the rekneading task and saving time.

Its disc collecting tray, designed with the appropriate diameter and shape, stacks the dough cuts in a neat way.

It offers the greatest actual output at the lowest cost in the market.

The machine is an entirely electromechanical unit with and it has no pneumatic or hydraulic parts. It just needs to be connected to a socket to operate. It does not include any PLC, software or touch screens, making it simpler, more efficient and easier to operate (no skilled labor required).

It is made up of worldwide standardized components, making it easy to maintain, saving on expensive technical support and preventing the need to replace "exclusive" parts.



2 models, according to volume of production:
R210: 300 dozens/hour
R350: 600 dozens/hour

  • The moving parts are mounted on self-lubricated shielded bearings.
  • It is equipped with maintenance-free Italian STM geared motors with ground worm and ring gear, lubricated for life with synthetic oil.
  • Security system for the operator with emergency stop push button.
  • One-year guarantee and permanent after-sales service.
  • Stock of spare parts and components.
  • White epoxy finish.


  • Height: 700 mm.
  • Width: 1,300 mm.
  • Long: 1,600 mm.
  • Weight: 120 kgs. (aprox.)